Why get your Drinking water tested? How to get it tested in India?

February 01, 2022

Why get your Drinking water tested? How to get it tested in India?

One of humanity's greatest most unique gifts to humanity is water. It is a necessary component for sustaining life. Without food, someone can go for a week, however without water, one can only last for a couple of days. When the entire focus is on environmental sustainability with the human person at the center, the quality of groundwater is critical to investigate. The quality of groundwater is critical in any water supply strategy, particularly for drinking purposes. Water's physical-chemical properties govern its utility in civic, industrial, commercial, farming, and household scenarios. The solutions are frequently prohibitively costly, time-consuming, and ineffective. Overall, groundwater quality is deteriorating slowly but steadily. Hence it is very important to get your potable water tested

Various aspects we need to know for Drinking Water testing:

Health implications:

"Water-related disorders account for roughly 80% of all illnesses more than one-third of all fatalities in poor nations, and on aggregate, one-tenth of each human's productive hours is lost to water-related illnesses." Disease transmission can take place in a variety of ways, including by drinking water. Some agents are conveyed largely from individual to individual, and foodborne transfer could be more significant than drinking-water dissemination for bacteria capable of growth in food. Some agents, such as S. typhi, E. coli, Giardia lamblia, and the hepatitis A virus, are regularly transmitted through contaminated drinking water, and analysis of drinking-water quality may result in significant decreases in infection rates when this is the situation.

Water Quality:

A drinking-water testing lab is essential as it can determine the level of an element that poses no major risk to human health to the user over the course of a lifetime of use. Water supply ought to be safe for human consumption as well as for other common household uses. When a standard value is surpassed, the reason for the overabundance should be identified in drinking-water testing lab and remedial action should be done. The degree by which any recommended value may be surpassed without compromising people's health still remains in question.

Microbiological aspects:

Water quality for Drinking water must preferably be free of harmful (disease-causing) bacteria as well as germs associated with faecal contamination. To guarantee that a drinking-water supply meets these standards, specimens must be tested on a regular basis. In practise, the identification of  Escherichia coli gives definitive proof of faecal contamination.

Whenever E. coli or thermotolerant (faecal) coliforms are identified in ground water after treatments, as well as protected underground water, terminal disinfection is required. Chlorine is by far the most widely used antimicrobial on the planet, in one kind or another.

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