Iron in Water: How can it affect you?

October 10, 2017

Iron in Water: How can it affect you?

We all have known Iron to be an Essential Mineral. However, Excess Iron is water is not safe. When Excess Iron is present in your water you need to immediately remove it. Get your water tested before you become a prey to the following: 

Iron affects your Health

Iron is considered as a secondary contaminant. It carries bacteria that feed on the iron for their survival. These microorganisms are very harmful when digested.

The biggest problems caused by iron are Iron overload. It is a condition where the Iron levels in the body are too high.  Iron overload is caused by a mutation in the gene that digests iron. In the United States, this mutation affects around one million people.

Iron overload leads to hemochromatosis, which can drastically damage the liver, heart and pancreatic. It also causes diabetes. Generally, common symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, and joint pain.

Water with high levels of iron is not good for your cooking needs. When you cook in such water the food will blacken and causes a bad taste.

Iron affects your Skin

Excessive amounts of minerals like Iron and Magnesium can have very negative impact on your skin. It can cause wrinkle formation due to damage caused on the healthy skin cells.

Water containing iron content does not blend well with soap. During showering and bathing, soap scum is left both on the bathroom and your skin. Scum formation often captures oil in your skin that can lead to skin problems such as acne or eczema.

Iron affects your Clothes

When you wash clothes with water containing iron, it leaves residual amounts of Iron on the clothes. The iron residue causes staining of the cloth in black or orange color. The stains caused by iron are hard to remove and are mostly permanent in nature.

Iron affects your Hardware

Pipelines, taps and other hardware can be badly affected by water containing iron. This can cause your clogging of pipes, which leads to clogged toilets and sinks and a reduced water pressure in your house.

Moreover, microorganisms like bacteria can grow on the clogs caused by the iron. This can pollute the water and negatively affect your health.

How do I Know if my water has high Iron content?

Researchers say the limit for healthy levels of iron is 0.3 mg/L. Water with high iron content generally have a Reddish-Brown colour. Water test is required to know for certain.

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