5 Ways in Which Hard Water Affects Your Home & Lifestyle!

September 21, 2017

5 Ways in Which Hard Water Affects Your Home & Lifestyle!

Hard Water – 5 ways in which it affects your home and lifestyle.

Hard Water has high mineral content in form of calcium and magnesium. The more the mineral content, the greater the hardness in the water. Hard water causes several problems in our home, health and lifestyle. Here are the major problems caused by Hard Water:

1. Hard water forms scum layers

Hard water because of high mineral content reacts with soap to form Soap Scum. Soap scum is responsible to create a layer of scales over the surfaces in our bathrooms. It becomes exceedingly troublesome to remove the scum if it is left for some time.

2. Hard Water causes Hair loss

The high mineral content and scum formation makes your hair feel extremely craggy and snarled. In such cases when the hairs are more tangled and rough, it becomes more difficult to wash and rinse out the soap. With prolonged mineral built up on the hair, the hairs become very brittle and finally break down.

These are the common symptoms of Hair loss caused by Hard Water
  • Thinning of hair
  • Baldness in men
  • Tangled hair
  • Sudden hair fall
  • Dull, tangled lifeless hair

3. Effect of Hard Water on skin

The scum that is formed due to hard water drastically affects the skin as well, causing skin irritation. People with sensitive skin or skin conditions will also often have problems when they are exposed to hard water.

Dry skin effects caused by Hard Water
  • Dry skin is one of the most common problems of prolonged exposure of hard water.
  • Hard water causes dry skin by acting on its natural oils which leads to excess itching. If the condition is not resolved at an earlier stage, skin will become inflamed and cracked.
  • Dermatitis, Psoriasis and eczema sufferers, for instance, will often experience more dryness and irritation after being exposed to hard water.
  • Dry skin, which is caused by hard water increases the chance of skin to get an acne outbreak.

4. Hard Water and Laundry

Soap does not perform satisfactorily in hard water because:

  • Much of the detergent used goes to soften the water instead of to clean the clothes.
  • More detergent must be used at a higher water temperature in hard water
  • Hard water leaves a residue that combines with soap to produce scum
  • It weakens the cloth and shortens the life of the clothes
  • It results in quicker fading of colors and yellowing of whites and shortened fabric life

5. Hard Water and Bathroom fittings and Kitchenware

Hard water leaves behind a scum after a soap and water reaction. Various problems that can happen due to hard water:

  • Deposits of scale shorten the life of water heaters and other machines
  • Scum accumulate on tile and bath/kitchen fixtures
  • Blackening of costly bathroom hardware
  • Glasses and dishes remain white filmed and spotted even after cleaning
  • Wastage of electricity and increase in electricity bills

How to deal with hard water?

Water hardness test from a local laboratory is the first step. 

Test your water for hardness with PurityPortal.com using the below link

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