Drinking Water Testing - Comprehensive Package

Note: Rate includes doorstep sample collection charges, taxes extra.

  • Quality of water directly affects the health and well being of your family. Due to its capacity to dissolve higher number of substances and compounds than any other liquid on Earth, the chances of unwanted components gaining entry is a higher probability. It is highly recommended to have your water tested regularly.

    Comprehensive Package: Includes Physical, Chemical, Elements, Pesticides & Microbiological Parameters. Suggested for people living in low pollution zones.

  • Physical Parameters Colour, Odour, Taste, Turbidity
    Chemical Parameters Ph Value, Total Hardness (as CaCo3),  Iron (as Fe), Chlorides (as Cl),  Residual Free Chlorine, Dissoled Solids, Anionic Detergents
    Elements Calcium, Copper, Manganese, Sulphate, Nitrate, Flouride, Phenolic, Compounds, Mercury, Cadmium, Selenium, Arsenic, Cyanide, Lead, Zinc, Chromium, Mineral Oil.
    Pesticides Alachlor, Atrazine, Aldrin / Dieldrin, Alpha HCH, Beta HCH, Butachlor, Chlorpyriphos, Delta HCH, 2 4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, DDT (o,p & p,p - isomers of DDT DDE & DDD), Endosulfan, Ethion, Gamma, Isoproturon, Malathion, Methyl parathion, Monocrotophos, Phorate.
    Microbiological  Parameters E.coli, Coliform Organisms (Presence/Absence)

    Disclaimer: Our water tests are for informational purposes only and cannot be used for local, state or national regulatory compliances or legal applications as sample collection requirements / regulations may differ. If needed for such purposes call us at 1800-123-8283.
  •  Step 1  Once you complete the online booking we will send a sample collection kit to your doorstep .
    Step 2 Once you collect the sample,we will pick it up from your doorstep 
    Step 3 We test it at our laboratory
    Step 4 Results are sent through email and our executives will contact you in order to provide insights and guidance based on the results

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  • Which package to select? Want to test our drinking water from Bangalore

    We will recommend the comprehensive package because it covers a higher number of parameters. But incase you are living in a low pollution zone, you could opt for the standard package.


    Yes, Our water testing services are available across the country (In over 6000 pincodes)

  • When I get result if I book today?

    Once you book the test online, sample collection kit will be delivered at your doorstep within 1-2 working days. Once the sample is picked up and delivered at our laboratory, results will be generated and emailed within 3-4 working days. 

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